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Fireman dubbed ‘stinky grandad’ says rare toilet habit ruins bedroom time with his wife

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Know Your Sh*t: Inside Our Guts star spoke to the show’s experts about his problems with farting and revealed he uses the toilet “around 10 times a day”.

The firefighter, Craig confided in the ladies at Poo HQ, identical twins Alana and Lisa Macfarlane, about his issues with farting and pooing, explaining that it effects his work and private life.

“I let so much wind out in the night I have a flat stomach in the morning,” he told the show’s hosts. “It’s really off-putting for my partner, she’ll say, ‘You’ve done it again!’ and get the room sprays out.”

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Craig also revealed that his grandkids had labelled him “stinky grandad,” before speaking about his work.

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The experts met "stinky grandad"
The experts met “stinky grandad”

“As soon as I get back from a job I need to go to the toilet, I now need to arrange my shifts around it,” he confessed.

Having opened up about his issues on national TV, Craig admitted that he initially had second thoughts about coming on the show.

“I was second guessing coming on the show but I’m that desperate to find out what it is,” he said.

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“There might be a few people out there, same as me and with the same problem,” Craig added, wanting to share his story should anyone else suffer from the same symptoms.

The show’s experts at Poo HQ suggested what some of his farts might be made out, confirming that “25% of farts are swallowed air.”

Another expert asked if our fireman had been away on holiday and picked up a nasty bug while abroad.

Shiree's pet might be the problem
Shiree’s pets might be the problem

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Elsewhere in the show, a woman with a vast majority of pets, including cats and an owl, was suffering from bloating and other IBS-like symptoms.

After determining which foods may be a trigger for Shiree, the experts sent her off to be tested to ensure she hadn’t caught a parasite from her pets.

The experts explained that some animals that we choose to “cohabitate” with aren’t ones that we are used to, such as birds, as we could pick up parasites from cleaning their poo.

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