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Text of the video message of Colonel Mamadbokir Mamadbokirov

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I am Mamadbokir Mamadbokirov, a resident of the city of Khorog.

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For 30 years now I have been under pressure from the authorities.

Do not understand why?

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Maybe because I’m telling the truth, I can express my opinion, I’m trying to stand up for ordinary people.

For this reason, they (the Tajik authorities) do not like me.

There are no kids left. The worthy are destroyed.

There are arrests, trials, prison sentences.

For 30 years we have not been left alone.

We are not running for the presidency.

We are not looking for posts and titles.

We ask only one thing – to leave us alone, so that we can live in peace.

But no, not a day without an incident, this one was imprisoned, that one was imprisoned, another was killed.

In 2012, they entered Khorog with 5,000 soldiers. More than 24 civilians were killed. There were many wounded. Lots of destruction.

In 2016, in broad daylight, three young guys were killed.

And no one has been held accountable for these crimes.

No one has a heart for us.

Oh, my long-suffering Badakhshan. Oh, my destitute land.

We are like Indians living on reservations.

We are unarmed. We have been deprived of the word. We have been deprived of opportunities, resources, chances.

We are not enemies. We did not betray either the state or the president. Actually no one ever.

But we are not left alone on our land.

You are ruthless. You are the ones who pulled out the nails with pliers. But a Tajik cannot be so wild and cruel.

We have repeatedly appealed to the President. The answer is silence. Nothing at all. No answer. Take a look at us, at least once, to see what’s going on.

I worked. A lot and without getting tired. He rose to the rank of colonel. He was a unit commander in Murgab. We had an exemplary military unit of the border troops.

A lot of things have been done in Murgab. The Karakoram-Kulma road (Tajik-Chinese border) was opened.

But as soon as we completed the most difficult part of the work, we were declared enemies. I was retired.

Explain the reasons for the resignation.

I participated in the arrest of a large consignment of drugs – 736 kg of heroin, belonging to the then chairman of the region (Alimamad Niezmamadov – head of the Khukumat of GBAO 1994-2006).

What is my fault? In the fact that I honestly fulfilled my official duties, honestly served the Motherland?

But I was fired.

Instead of being awarded the Order of Spitamen or given the rank of general, I was declared an enemy for the suppression of drug smuggling.

This is where my fault lay.

Life became unbearable.

I don’t know what else they want from us. Now they took me specifically. They want me to surrender.

But why should I give up?

What I’ve done?

I did not commit a crime, I was never a member of any criminal or banned group like ISIS.

I protected the common people.

The chairman of the region (Alisher Mirzonabotov) has a personal dislike for me.

He served under my command in Murgab.

I know a lot about him. About the fact of rape, which was committed by him.

Now he has become the chairman of the region and has seized me with a stranglehold. He doesn’t want me to live.

Why shouldn’t I live? Who decides whether to live or not?

I am a law abiding citizen. I didn’t even break any traffic rules.

Yes, I protect the rights of my people. I do not allow to create lawlessness and arbitrariness, the persecution of innocent people.

They (the authorities) are terrorists. They are killers too.

Young people were killed. And now they want to shift their blame to us. They want to make us feel guilty.

They committed the crime, they must answer, but they accuse us.

They grabbed onto me. Found the last one, Bokira.

But no, that’s not how it works.

I have never had any problems with the natives of the Vanj and Darvaz regions.

I respect the people of these areas.

The other day one gave an interview (the head of the Department of Education of the region Lutfullo Navruzov).

Declared me a terrorist.

To be honest, I don’t know him.

He doesn’t know me.

Personally, we never crossed paths.

But he called me a terrorist.

He (Lutfullo Navruzov) is a terrorist himself, because he has been terrorizing poor teachers for a month.

Forces them to appear on television, give interviews and give false testimony.

I asked him not to do this.

Mind your own business – educate people, and not get into politics.

But no. He doesn’t stop. He takes on the job with even greater zeal. The teachers were gone.

The regional chairman (Alisher Mirzonabotov) does not understand what he is doing.

We are cornered, trying to find a way out of this situation.

There was another one in the education department. Also from the Vanj region. We accepted him, supported him, helped him in every possible way. And when he left, he even collected the dishes in which people brought food to him and left.

Then he called us terrorists. How ugly and unmanly to spit in the well from which he drank.

No, and I never had any problems with either the residents of Vanj or Darvaz. Visited them many times. They ate and drank from one dastarkhan. Bread was broken together. There are no disagreements or claims.

What is happening now? There is an information war going on. They’re trying to turn me into some kind of demon.

We are killed, we are called terrorists, we are persecuted, but we are not allowed to speak, to answer, to defend ourselves.

We must be silent.

No, that will not do. I disagree.

We will never give up or renounce our autonomy.


I’m ready.

I’m here.

Kill me.

We will never bow our heads.

Never. Hear never.

The chairman of GBAO (Alisher Mirzonabotov) has a personal dislike for me. I kicked him out of the gate.

Alisher Mirzonabotov, I kicked you out, and you know the reason.

Now you’ve become the chairman and you’re persecuting me?

Who are you? You are a lieutenant. You were a senior lieutenant for me, and you will remain so.

Keep your general rank to yourself. Know your place. You are still a child.

What do you want from me?

You yourself remember what you did and why you were expelled. And why did I stop respecting you.

I will never accept or acknowledge you. Just like that and just like that.

Do whatever you want. I’m ready.

Come and kill us all.

So many commandos were brought in.

What have we done? Have we betrayed our country? That we were in ISIS (banned in RT)?

You call us terrorists.

Dodihudo Erkaev called me a terrorist. Don’t be ashamed to blame innocent people. Isn’t your son fighting in the ranks of ISIS? Hypocrite.

There is not a single native of Rushan and Shugnan regions in ISIS.

But 58 natives of the Vanj region, 5-7 people from Darvaz are fighting in the ranks of ISIS.

So who is the terrorist? You are terrorists. I don’t mean the people.

I answer those who call us terrorists.

Military units were pulled into the region against us. Better guard the border.

Leave us alone.

I have never betrayed and will never betray my people.

No matter how many lives I have, I am ready to sacrifice them for the sake of my people.

I appeal to the people of my homeland. Don’t believe the propaganda.

Don’t trust these interviews. This TV (TV Badakhshon) is impossible to watch.

Our children started to get sick after watching your broadcasts.

They stopped watching you. Shame on you?

Shamelessness is what you do.

Additional military force was brought to Barkhorog. My area, which I call long-suffering, is surrounded.

The people are driven to despair. Let’s unite. And let them do what they want.

Tonight is fateful.

Something must happen tonight.

Today, perhaps, everything will be decided.

But we are also ready. Yes, we are unarmed.

But we will defend ourselves with stones.

Get in – get it.

Alisher Mirzonabotov, your place is in prison, where you have to serve your sentence for rape and many other crimes.

He seemed to be a good officer.

Yes, and we sent you to study on a 30% quota from the opposition.

Thanks to us, you studied at the border school, at the Academy of the General Staff.

You should be judged by the International Hague Tribunal for crimes against humanity.

You understood everything.


I have the honor

Source: Anora Sarkorova’s Facebook account

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